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About Golfstrøm Get to know who we are and what we do

The Company

Golfstørm is a Norwegian clothing brand based in Oslo, Norway. 

Golfstørm means minimalism, creativity, modernity, and elegance. Our high quality garments are hand-made with attention to detail and craft in our studio in Poland.

Our Studio

We are a small, family-operated company, and we consider each garment we make, one of a kind. We offer hand-made clothes, of which every detail is carefully though out and fits perfectly. The materials we use, come from the world’s capital of the best quality fabric, Italy.

The Style

A Golfstørm woman is looking for the highest nature garments, not mainstream brands. All of our collections are limited editions, as unique and one of a kind as people around us. Designed passionately by our team, Golfstørm clothes are meant for modern women and their every-day lives, both at work, and after. They combine quality with perfection, and set new trends in fashion. Every woman will feel even more beautiful, confident, and exceptional, while staying true to who she really is.

The People

Golfstørm is not just clothes. it is our values and lifestyle. Golfstørm is inspired by music, art, and architecture. We are moved by people around us and the stories that make all of us. That is why Golfstørm is truly unique.